jurassic canoe liveset
2-channel audio (2018)
pedals, acousmatic, live diffusion

peppers & lazarettos
installation (2018)
diagrammatic, postmodern pop, sweets

the esoteric abseits EP
2-channel audio (2016)
production, progress, finishing, go fishing

installation (2013)
motor, shadow, cinema, sensor

chant du loup
installation (2012)
wolf, phenomena, tracing, visibility

to water a breathing usb triode
installation (2015)
tube, digital, dichotomies, displacement

machines/devices (2014)
electronics, synths, noise, bends

doorphone indecency
installation (2011)
sonification, twitter, realtime, swearing

A Golden Cage
installation (2010)
identity, social media, antenna, signals

Auf Augenhöhe
short film (2010)
ippnw, basel, indegenious, uranium

Tempelhof Transition
short film (2010)
airport, tempelhof, transition, park

Etude Pour Lecteur DVD
sonic installation (2009)
dvd video, player, concert, instruments

Das Kind mit dem DVD-Spieler
dvd game (2008)
dvd video, format, reflexive, game