Abseits EP



The Esoteric Abseits EP

2016, 2-channel audio, approx. 13 min.


All pieces composed and arranged by Robin Palme. All instruments played and recorded bei Robin Palme. Additional samples by: Lars Muldjord and Bent Bisballe Nyeng


The "Esoteric Abseits EP" is the outcome of an experimental setup about finishing and finalizing steps and pieces within a certain period of time. Especially in audio production it is common to work with very subtle changes. Sometimes minimal changes mean giant shifts for the overall piece. Sometimes changes become esoteric, i.e. not perceivable in audio but only existent for the listener at a certain point. By constant repetition the listener is set apart from the actual audible, transcended to the "Esoteric Abseits". Deadlines will break the abseits-bubble instantly. The EP remains unfinished, reminiscent of its development.